Town of Campton Conservation Properties

Blair Woodland Natural Area

Blair Woodland Natural Area is located at 1448 US Route 3 on the east side of Route 3, 0.2 miles south of Blair Road.

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Pattee Conservation Park

Pattee Conservation Park is located at 381 NH Route 175 on the southwest corner of the intersection of Route 175 and Blair Road.

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Timber Harvest is under way!

West Branch Brook Forest

West Branch Brook Forest is located at 2187 US Route 3 on the west side of Route 3, 0.4 miles north of Route 49.

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Mission Statement

The Campton Conservation Commission (CCC) believes the community is sustained by its natural landscapes, clean water, forest and agricultural products, and varied habitats for plants and animals.

The CCC sees its mission as working to preserve, protect, and properly utilize these resources for current and future residents of the town.

Goals in Reaching Our Mission

  • Assist others in learning about and using current scientific and best practice methods about forestry and agriculture, ecology, and water quality.
  • Help guide growth and change in the town to maintain healthy ecosystems.
  • Educate property owners about methods of saving open space for benefits of health, recreation, environmental education, and economy.
  • Assist in proper management of public lands for the good of the community.
  • Work to preserve special natural habitats for local native species of wildlife and plants.
  • Pursue partnerships with other groups within the region who have similar missions.

Meeting Times

The CCC meets at 4:30 pm on the 1st Wednesday of every month at the Municipal Building, 12 Gearty Way.

Commission Members

Jessica Tabolt Halm
member since 2005

Rebecca Steeves
member since 2013

Jim Butler
member since 2020

Bill Copeland
member since 2022

Janet Lucas
member since 2023

Hope Eagleston
member since 2023