West Branch Brook

West Branch Brook Forest (WBBF)

The West Branch Brook Forest was purchased by the Town of Campton in December of 2021.  This 145 acre property is located off Route 3, north of the intersection of Route 3 and Route 49, and north of West Branch Brook.

The West Branch Brook Forest property is the former Spokesfield Homestead and has largely remained undisturbed by the previous owners, the Miller Family. The main trail on the property allows easy access for low-impact recreation and serves as an important link in the area’s snowmobile trails in the winter. This land provides high quality habitat for native animal, plant, and aquatic life. The conservation of this property by the Town of Campton will protect these habitats, as well as provide recreation opportunities for Campton residents and visitors to our area.

The property is under a Conservation Easement,  held by the Pemi-Baker Land Trust. The easement will guide stewardship of the property into the future and ensure that the property will be conserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

Blair Woodland Natural Area (BWNA)

The Blair Woodland Natural Area was given as a gift by Leah Gray to the Town of Campton in 2002 to be kept as a natural area for wildlife and the general public for “low impact” uses such as nature study and enjoyment while walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, picnicking, or fishing. This 17-acre natural area is maintained by the Campton Conservation Commission and includes several wetland areas, a regenerated pasture, roughly 1,000 feet of riparian habitat along the Pemigewasset River, and mixed hardwood/coniferous forest habitat. The nature trail loops in the forest and along the river are about one mile in total length. They were designed to take visitors near the rich variety of natural areas of interest and to lead to the small beach area with fine views of the Blair Covered Bridge. The small parking area is off of NH Rt 3, just south of the Red Sleigh Condominiums.

Pattee Conservation Park (PCP)

Pattee Conservation Park was established in 2009, when the Town of Campton purchased the property of the late Ed Pattee from his heirs with Conservation Fund dollars. The land is comprised of field and forest in a prominent location, at the corner of NH Rt. 175 and Blair Road. It also abuts the Blair State Forest, providing easy public access to this State-owned parcel. There is a small parking area with park rules posted on NH Rt. 175. There are trails through the forested portion of the property, suitable for family walks and/or picnicking. The field is maintained as a meadow, with blueberry picking in season, and is a great place for viewing wildlife. In 2011, the Campton Garden Club partnered with the Campton Conservation Commission and Campton Historical Society to plant a disease-resistant elm tree in the field.

Please come and enjoy all that these properties have to offer!