The Campton Conservation Commission established an Invasive Species Sub-Committee at our April 5th, 2023 meeting. The initial focus of the sub-committee is to be on Japanese Knotweed. The goals for the first year are to survey the areas and scope of the problem, bring in others to educate us (i.e. state resources, master gardeners), and identify potential partnerships and resources to deal with the problem.

The sub-committee has found the following resources to be of value:
Bill Copeland’s Stop – Don’t Pull That Weed (especially if it’s Japanese knotweed) article for Record Enterprise’s Conservation Matters column.
The Conservation Commission’s go-to document, Preventing the Spread of Japanese knotweed by Douglas Cygan
A comprehensive list of New Hampshire invasive plants and related restrictions.
A centralized resource of information for invasive plants in New Hampshire by the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food.
A good video on identifying and disposing this invasive species.
An interesting, knowledgeable point of view for dealing with invasive species.
A mapping tool that is used for reporting of Invasive Species to a national network of verifiers and a good resource for locating reported invasive species in your area. The sub-committee has begun using this tool as we survey and identify invasive species in Campton.